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Austin Big Band Jazz Band - The Vendetta Big Band



Check us out at Jovita's! The Vendetta Big Band will be live at Jovita's 1619 South First on Friday, February 4th, 2011 from 10pm to 12mid. You will love Jovita's new bar area and we're excited to get to play and see you there! For details, check out our schedule page!

Check out the new blog! You'll find posts and comments on just about anything having to do with big bands in Austin and jazz standards.

We made a cameo appearance in, "The Traveler, " a romantic film about Molly and Leo who find one another and fall in love through the music they make together. The Vendetta Big Band are featured in a scene with Molly and Leo. Watch for "The Traveler, " as an entry in the SXSW and the Sundance film festivals. The Vendetta Big Band extend a warm, "thank you, " to the cast and crew.

 We have a big announcement coming soon. Check back for more. 





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